Thursday, July 16, 2009

Maternity Fashion

Maternity Fashion

The key to looking great while you're pregnant is to be yourself and have the most fun that you can with it. This is a great time in your life, a new beginning so cherish it.

Most pregnant women tend to feel like they're "unsexy" or feel that they will no longer be sexy again since now they're making the transition to motherhood. You don't want to try and still feel like yourself and not try to too hard to make yourself look like a mother or vice versa. You want to try to look simple yet elegant at the same time. After all, this is the time where you can be comfy and still have sex appeal.

Health and Beauty

Most women tend to go for every craving from chocolate cake to soda and chips and that could actually harm your baby if you don't take them in moderation.This is the best time in your life to get those greens in your body. The more greens you sneak in the better you'll look. If you have a spouse or partner have them help out by helping you set a calendar and tasty food that is rich in nutrients. This benefits all three of you, helps your baby get the nutrition he/she needs and your spouse or partners relationship grow stronger. That is one important key to keep your relationship strong in this time and thereafter and you both definitely want this since this could be a rocky time or the best time for both of you just depending on how you feel. Makeup is another issue in pregnancy, it could either go on smoothly or roll right off your face. This also depends on the type of make-up you use. Darker makeup tends to smear off faster than lighter makeup so you want to go for the light shades instead of darker ones. Try using darker shades only when you need to on occasions such as going out to dinner or a party etc..

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